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lessons and activities:The Smart Exchange site is the perfect place to start you search for ready-to-use SNB lessons.

Sample Lessons:

PLUS: Some of these will take you to Notebooks that you can download and modify for your classroom; others will take you to sites that have interactive games and activities that can be played on the Smart Board:


A Few other sample lessons:

Using the TABLE Tool:

You will find that this works best when developing it from your computer however, with patience, you can work it from the Smart Board. I would suggested creating the actual table in advance then you can easily add items while you are working at the SB. A few tips:
  • click on a line that you want to move and drag it to expand a cell or column or line
  • click outside the table and drag over it to access the tool (pale gray box) that allows you to move the table to a different area of your page
  • Once this tool is highlighted you also get the usual drop down menu icon (on the top right of any object) that will allow you to manipulate it like any other SNB object but will also let you add screen shades to all cells; tap on the screen shade and it disappears.
  • You can highlight and cells and drag them to another area of the page to clone parts of the table
  • Adding or splitting cells, columns or row can be done easily by highlighting the cells to be manipulated then right click to get the pull-down menu of choices; you will only get choices that apply to what you have highlighting i.e. you can not add a column if you have only highlighted a cell
  • gallery items that are dragged into cells will be automatically

Using the RECORDER:

You can record any of your actions at the Smart Board (including work on web pages, files, etc.) and play them back at another time, link them on your web page or embed them into your wiki. These recordings can also be imported into iMovie or Garage band to add sound, effects, etc.
  • open the recorder the Smart tools in the doc
  • press record
  • stop the recorder then save your file

How-to: inserting pictures, videos and links & saving as PDF

  • use insert menu on tool bar to insert pictures, videos, flash files, gallery items saved to folders (on your drives), links, sound files or a blank table
  • you can also drag downloaded videos to a Notebook page
  • links: to a web page, file on your computer or a page in the same Notebook file using the insert menu; corner item or link to a picture
  • PDF: best way to post SNB files on your website or wiki: select "file" then "export" then click on "PDF. This file was created with SNB then exported as a PDF:

Two-minute tutorials on many topics


Creative Pen
Enables you to write or draw in digital ink using creative pens

Shape Recognition
Enables you to draw common shapes

Magic Pen
Enables you to open Magnifier or Spotlight

Bridgit Conferencing Software
Enables you to create or join a Bridgit software conference

Opens a Magnification window

Starts SMART Recorder

Screen Shade
Adds a screen shade to the screen

Opens a Spotlight window

Displays a large pointer

Screen Capture Toolbar
Opens the Screen Capture toolbar

Area Capture
Enables you to take a screen capture of an area

Full Screen Capture
Enables you to take a screen capture of a screen

Freehand Capture
Enables you to take a screen capture of a freehand area

Using the MAGIC PEN: You can use the Magic Pen tool in the on the tool bar or on the Floating Tools toolbar to open the Magnifier or spotlight.

NOTES: The Magic Pen button isn't included in the default Floating Tools toolbar. However, you can customize the Floating Tools toolbar by adding and removing tools.

To use the Magnifier

1.Press Magic Pen in the Floating Tools toolbar, and then select an available digital ink style.
2.Draw a square on the interactive screen.
The Magnifier dialog box appears. The Magnifier dialog box displays a magnified image of a portion of the screen.

To remove the Magnifier: Press Close in the Magnifier dialog box.

To open the Spotlight

1.Press Magic Pen in the Floating Tools toolbar, and then select an available digital ink style.
2.Draw a circle on the interactive screen.
A highlighted area and a Spotlight icon appear.
NOTE: You can also open the Spotlight using the Notebook Software icon or the Welcome Center.
3.To move the highlighted area, press the Spotlight icon, and then drag it to another location on the screen.
4.To make the Spotlight larger or smaller, press the edge of the highlighted area, and then drag it outward or inward.
5.To change the highlighted area's shape, press the Spotlight icon's menu arrow, select Shape, and then select Ellipse, Rectangle or Star.
6.To change the transparency of everything outside of the highlighted area, press the Spotlight icon's menu arrow, select Transparency, and then select a percentage of transparency or Not Transparent.

To remove the Spotlight

Press the Spotlight icon's menu arrow, and then select Exit.

Using the Gallery:

Pictures, graphics, videos etc. are available in the gallery
• Find content by searching “type search terms here”
• Save your favorites in files in My Content, or in folders on the H drive or on your local computer

Organize your gallery content by making folders in SNB:
• Click on my content, then pull down menu
• Select new folder
• Name the folder by double clicking on “untitled”
• Add content to that folder by dragging or copy and paste
• Organize your content in folders on your computer or another drive (this option will open up the content as a SNB page)
• Make a folder
• Save to that folder
• Find the content and drag into the folder; copy and paste; or use “export as a Collection file” in pull down menu
Using gallery items:
• Pull down menu; drag item to notebook page
• clone to get more than none of the same object
• Infinite cloner: use when you want to make multiple copies of an item you create or an item from the gallery.
• flip, turn, resize, or lock objects
• link to websites and sounds in any notebook page

Smart Board/Smart Notebook Tips and Tricks:

Using Word files:
  • Windows: Drag and drop into an open SNB page: open SNB to a blank page then minimize it; open a Word document and highlight the text to be used; click and drag the text down to the SNB page and hold until SNB opens; click to drop the text into SNB (a text box will open that you can work with
  • Windows: Print to SNB: if SNB is open, a new page will be added; if not, SNB will open up; Copy or cut text from Word document; open SNB and paste into page. It will be recognized as either and object or print
  • Mac: Copy or cut text from Word document; open SNB and paste into page. It will be recognized as either and object or print

Screen capture – allows you to take screen shots of web pages then open them up in SNB to use digital ink/save/etc. Three types are available: full screen shot – captures the full page; free-hand capture – allows you to capture, by drawing, only the section desired; section capture – allows you to drag over an capture a rectangular section of the desired area. Floating Tools: The floating tool bar can be accessed via the Smart Center and can be customized to include any number of tools desired. The tool bar floats over any application including Smart Notebook. Open the floating tools and add items by clicking and moving then customizing such as changing colors and thickness of pens. The Floating tool bar can also be customized as to size and level of transparency and can be moved to any position on the Smart Board

Pinning pages/Dual Pages:

Pinning pages/Dual Pages: this feature is in the tool bar - you can also view two notebook pages at once by selecting view from the tool bar then zoom; click "dual page." If you want to keep one page showing while you scroll through and use the rest of the pages in your lesson, use "pin page" and that page will remain as you scroll through the others

PowerPoint can be imported into SNB (Windows).
In SNB, click file, click import, then navigate to the file and click on it. Once it opens, you can write on it move items around or add items from the gallery (transitions will not be imported).

You can also run your Powerpoint at the Smart Board: open your powerpoint and use the tool bars (works best with Windows using ink aware)
two minute tutorial: http://smarttech.com/trainingcenter/tutorials.asp#

Applies to: SMART Board™ software 9.5 for the Mac OS X operating system
Issue Notebook™ software 9.5 for Mac OS X operating systems is unable to import PowerPoint® presentations.
You can use the following solution in place of importing PowerPoint files into Notebook software:
1. Save your PowerPoint presentation as a .jpg, .gif or .png image file.
NOTE: PowerPoint saves each slide in a presentation as a separate image file. If your PowerPoint
presentation contains several slides, you must insert each image file onto a separate Notebook page.
2. Select Insert > Picture File in Notebook software to insert each image file into a Notebook page. Notebook™ Software for Mac OS X Operating Systems

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