am session:

  • what is podcasting?

  • view sample podcasts

  • subscribe to a podcast in iTunes

  • using Photo Booth with iSight camera to take pictures; use your digital camera to take pictures and download to iPhoto

  • search for images on Google images, discovery streaming, pics4learning, Flickr, etc. and save to iPhoto

  • organize your photos and digital images with iPhoto;

  • explore iTunes; organize your movies, podcasts and music

pm session:

  • use Garage Band to develop a podcast

  • upload your podcast to schoolwires

1. What is podcasting?

2. Your Task: for the next 30 minutes, visit a few of these links to learn more about podcasting and listen to a few more podcasts:

Resources to learn more about podcasting:

Listen and view some podcasts:

Examples of student podcasts: - ROBERTS SCHOOL ROBTV - Jason Jaffe's site: check out the radio link (video and audio and projects) and the work samples

Also, open iTunes and check out the iTunes store - lots of podcasts to download for free.

3. Subscribe to a podcast:

Search for a podcast on a topic of your choice or visit one of the links above; use the RSS feed button or the link that says "subscribe in iTunes" to subscribe to a podcast or two!

4. Think, Pair, Share: So, now that you know what it is, how would podcasts fit into your classroom or curriculum?

5. Taking and/or searching for images for your podcast:

You will take some photos with the Photo Booth on your MAC; search for images (in Google images, piks4learning, Flickr, and/or discovery streaming using the SAFARI browser); and organize your images and photos in iPhoto
  • Take pictures with Photo Booth

Try some of the myriad of effects as well as a short video and a four-shot series!
  • Image searching: right click on the image and select "save to iPhoto"

  1. Google images:
  2. discovery streaming
  3. pics4learning
  4. Flickr:; search a topic, then select advanced search and scroll to the bottom and select creative commons

  • Takes some photos with your digital camera; upload to iPhoto

  • Organize your images and photos in iPhoto

  1. make albums
  2. edit your pictures

NOTE: You can use atomic learning to get more tips about using iPhoto:*&q=iphoto&submit=Go%21 - you will automatically logged-in when you are in any umasd building; use your umasd log-in and password from home

6. Using Garage Band to create a podcast (or two) and upload to Schoolwires

  • open Garage Band; select create new podcast episode
  • Record your content, story, poem, etc on a male or female voice track
  • Click on the podcast track then click on the scissors to set the markers; these will allow you to put in your images to match your recorded content
  • drag your images from iPhoto (you'll see this on the right); you can drag these into the marker section or into the podcast track
  • click on the jingles track, then click on the eye; select your audio and drag to the podcast track
  • Click on SHARE in the menu bar and share your podcast to iTunes
  • Drag the file to the desktop
  • upload to Schoolwires

7. Use PhotoBooth to make a VERY quick podcast

  • open photobooth
  • choose video
  • record yourself
  • drag the file to the desktop
  • upload to schoolwires

You can use atomic learning to get more tips on using Garage Band as well: - you will automatically logged-in when you are in any umasd building; use your umasd log-in and password from home

Additional resources:

sound clips:
Kristin Hokanson: __