This day is designed for staff members who revel in self-directed learning and who possess intermediate to advanced technology skills. It is planned to engage YOU in the ultimate in differentiated personal professional technology development. Prior to the workshop day, you will select one or two applications (such as Smart Notebook, Nettrekker, Photoshop, Garage Band, Google Docs, Excel, PBwiki, etc.). On the workshop day, you will use Atomic Learning (www.atomiclearning.com) to further develop, refine and/or increase your skills with your chosen application(s) and complete one of the following:

1) Develop a lesson plan, activity and/or student project that uses the technological skills learned during the workshop. In the fall, you will collaborate with a colleague(s) to teach them the skills you learned then have your colleague demonstrate the learning to me. If you select this option, you will attend the workshop for 4 hours on 8/5 and use the remaining 2 hours to work with a colleague on the fall.

2) Apply your knowledge to increase your own professional productivity such as using Excel to track student data, develop searches in Nettrekker for varied curricular areas, develop a classroom wiki, etc. Your finished or "in progress/working" project will be shared with me at the end of the day.