Some ideas and gems from NECC

"Never Lecture Again" - Landmark teaching methods using Vodcasting. Students watch vodcasts containing direct instruction at home, while class time is spent in hands-on activities and directed problem solving.

"Online tools for Reading Comprehension Instruction" Wonderful website to help students learn more about 8 key comprehension strategies: visualizing, summarizing, synthesizing, inferring, evaluating, questioning, prior knowledge & making connections. click here to visit the site. more tools and ideas:

"21st Century poetry slam" - learning about and writing poetry online:
click here to visit the COLLABORATORY

"Wonderful world of Wikis" - Lots of ideas for education/classroom use of wikis

From Comics to Trading Cards: Teaching New Literacies Using

Apple - "Thriving in a Digital learning Environment"
using the MAC OS server to provide templates for students to use to create projects using Keynote then blogging about each classmates ideas. Apple Learning Interchange

"Making Kidspiration and Inspiration work for YOU"
Republic R-3 School District, Republic MO lot of examples of how these teachers, 3rd-6th grade bring the content alive

CREST project: Teaching Cognitive Reading Strategies through WebQuests:

Food for thought: "Policies 2.0: Rules for the Social Web"

Netrekker D.I. - adding a new feature called Hot Math; Hot math is a middle school through high school resorces that links to most of the current textbooks so that students can practice problems that link to a page form the text book - all the odd numbered problems are posted.

Interactive K-8 resources

Excel in Math:
reasonably priced (199.00 per year for 30 students) gives in school and home access to interactive activities to remediate or enhance math skills. standards based & comprehensive reports